Find Peace & Purpose


Find Peace & Purpose


-Struggling with stress, depression, and confusion?
-Coping with unsatisfying relationships?
-Tired of not living your life purpose?

A No B.S. Approach to Self-transformation

I am a certified life coach offering private and group coaching, in the Los Angeles area as well as virtually. I blend Mindfulness (Spiritual Therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and The Enneagram Personality Typology to awaken you to who you are, so that you can find happiness that is sustainable.

Kent isn't just a Life coach. he's your accountability partner.

Kent isn't just a life coach.
He's your accountability partner.

Benefits of Life Coaching:

Cut through the crap

Find recovery from life long habits that have kept you stuck, and develop a new blueprint for authentic, mindful living.

Get to the core

Get to the core - uncover your strengths and passions, organize your thinking and find real success.

Wake up & LIVE

Find your inner okayness no matter what happens—Live with clarity and fulfillment by being present.


Learn how to use your attention in a way that serves and fulfills your life.

Ultimately, life is your meditation.

Discover your true self - and how to express it in all areas of your life.

Curious? See what it’s like to work with Life Coach Kent:

Let go of mental habits
that cause unhappiness

Access your insight
and inner wisdom

Discover your gifts
and align them with your goals

Culivate harmonious
and fulfilling relationships

The Secret to Mindful Living...

You don't have to live in a monastery to find lasting peace.

Have a few minutes? Let me share what I've learned with you in this video...

What Others Say About Life Coach Kent Scheibel

The Real Deal

“Kent is the real deal! He lives what he teaches. He gently cuts through the bullsh*t. One session with Kent was like years of therapy.”

- Lisa Berzack, Entrepreneur

Life Invigorated

“My journey with Kent ten years ago informs my life to this day. My relationships, my career, and my emotional nature invigorated as a result of our work together."

- Paul Taegel, Screenwriter

Lightyears Ahead

"I am so grateful. I came to Kent lost, having exhausted every outlet. Only three months later, I am lightyears ahead in every way imaginable.”

- Phoenix Goldberg, Sales

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