The Wisdom of Not Knowing

That Spiritual Awakening You’re Seeking? It’s Right Here.

Are you looking for inner peace and sustainable happiness?

It doesn’t come from accumulating knowledge.

A Spiritual Path Doesn’t Always Lead to Truth.

Thinking any spiritual path will lead us to peace is no different from believing just any road sign will point us to where we want to go. A road sign to Miami won’t get us to New York.

We can all fall prey to a temptation to think that we “have arrived” once we have gathered knowledge on a spiritual path.

That’s just ego talking. 

Ego won’t bring you peace – only suffering.

So where does this awakening, this peace come from?

Follow the Guideposts to a Deeper Insight into Reality.

Anyone who listens to my videos knows I am not religious. Sure, there can be wisdom in religious texts, but, as the saying goes, they are maps, not the territory. 

I see (some) spiritual text like a guidepost, pointing the way.

 It would be nice if spiritual or religious teachings were like directions to make a cake, but of course, everyone is different, so that is not the case.  

How do you know what path is right for you? It is quite simple: If a teaching or teacher helps you gain more peace and wisdom, then stay with what you’re doing. If your practice is no longer working, then stop. How can you go wrong with that? 

Allow the words of the teaching to move you. Let them guide you to a place deeper within yourself, deeper into seeing the truth about reality. Here’s a quick video I made:

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

- Eckhart Tolle

Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?

There’s a quote I love in the New Testament when Jesus said:

“Whoever does not receive The Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

What does ‘like a little child ‘mean?

It means non-judgmentally, with openness and acceptance

What is The Kingdom of God?

It is the here and now, the present moment; It’s what your true nature, your reality, is.

It all means the same thing.

Be as a child, and approach spiritual teaching with innocence and curiosity.

Don’t Let Ego Direct You.

If you’re a religious person, you may read scriptures and say, “It says so in this book, and so, therefore, it’s true.”

Or you go further: You may say my beliefs are correct, and yours are wrong. 

Or you may boast that you’re a spiritual person, have traveled to India or wherever, and practiced many hours of meditation – so you know all the answers, and others don’t.

That’s just ego talking. There are ultimately no sages or seekers – no teachers or students. We are all in the same mysterious situation that we call life, trying to find meaning and happiness. 

All there is – is right now:

When you stop viewing through the filter of what is wrong with you and others, you see clearly. This is fulfillment, enjoyment, and peace. 

You dwell in The Kingdom of God with the innocence of a child.

And that is the way we want to approach everything.

The Wisdom of Not Knowing.

Great scientists are curious and fascinated with the truth.  They don’t spend their energy regurgitating what they have learned from books. They know that although education is crucial, their work starts when they look for empirical evidence through direct experience. 

That’s how someone seeking the truth should work – to look within themselves, look at reality, look at what is, and see what’s true. 

The only thing that hinders our true seeing of truth is thinking that we know how things should be.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

- Socrates

Thoughts come and go. They judge some events as “good” and others as “bad.”  Thoughts are always seeing the world through the eyes of the past. Can you see how the sense that “you know” is not the truth? Can you see how the mind’s arrogance keeps you from peace and clarity?

Thoughts all come and go. Awareness is always here.

The more you think you know, the less you are experiencing this moment directly.

Look at things with an openness – and I’m not saying being naïve, I’m not saying giving up discernment - I’m talking about a receptivity that says:

“I really don’t know; I’m living in this mystery, here I am, and all I can go by is what I experience.”

This is how we begin to awaken and live a happy, useful life.

Life is a never-ending unfoldment of awakening and continual enlightening, an adventure of finding more purpose and peace as you go about your humble existence.

If you’re seeking greater fulfillment but have reached a roadblock on your spiritual path – just reach out to me at:

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