The Illusion of Death

Death is an Illusion.
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear It.

Why do we fear death?

We fear death because we misunderstand who we are. 

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We think that we are a physical body and mind only. As a result, we are wholly identified with our ego (the sense of being a body/mind only) and lose touch with “spirit.”

We forget that we are conscious awareness.

The truth is, we live in death. Death is consciousness before becoming an ego – or a separate “me” and consciousness is always present.

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We See Ourselves as a Droplet of Water,
Rather than the Waterfall

In Zen Mind, Beginners’ Mind, Shunryu Suzuki offers a simple analogy of what I just explained, he says: 

Water is one with itself as it moves along, which is death. As the water flowed closer to the waterfall, then started falling, Suzuki observed it looked like mist: each droplet of water became separated and from the stream of water as it fell. How scary it must be for each droplet of water. 

He noted what a great metaphor this is for our lives:

We are born, and suddenly we go from being one with the river to feeling like a separate individual droplet that is free-falling. Spiritual practice is remembering that (although you appear to be separate) you are also one with the river as you fall down the waterfall to become one with the river again.

The individual is afraid of that river, going back, falling down a 3,000-foot drop, because all it knows is its individuality.

In reality, though, you are an individual (a droplet, while you are falling), but you are also one with life (part of the river).

Let’s now use another metaphor: Think of the ocean as death and a wave in the ocean as a temporary individual. You are an ocean expressing yourself as a wave. 

Death is what we came from and what we disappear into, and it’s what we are living in at this moment.

Death and Life Are Not Opposites

Let’s look at what is always present. 

Don’t you love a good night’s sleep?  Dreams can be pleasant or unpleasant, but when we are in deep, dreamless sleep, there is simply awareness experiencing itself.  We wake up and say, “I slept well!”  

When we wake up, thoughts come and go all day long. We tend to feel stressed when there are more thoughts and at peace when there are fewer thoughts. But we experience all of it. 

So, what is common in all experiences, whether we are in deep, dreamless sleep, dreaming or awake? Consciousness.  

Consciousness is the water in both metaphors. Make sense? 

There is Nothing to Fear About Death

Know that you are already living as oneness, and you only experience individuality when you are thinking. 

The more you realize that the oneness is what you are and that you are ultimately not an individual -you fear death less and less and eventually realize death is an illusion.

If you want a religious comparison:

You could say that you are God expressing yourself as an individual. All the ocean is God.

Some might say it’s blasphemous to say that we are God, yet we are all individual expressions of the one life. 

We all want to die while we’re alive. That’s what we all want; that’s why we drink, have a lot of sex and binge on Netflix – we want to forget this individual separate self that causes so much suffering.

The Individual Self and Its Continual Seeking

Our ego, kept alive by constant thinking about ourselves, causes so much suffering by always seeking something in the next moment to make it happy. And it doesn’t work.

This is why we are always trying to numb ourselves, have physical gratification, or find distractions. We want relief from this sense of individuality; what we are really looking for is to experience our death while we are alive.

The experience of conscious awareness prior to ego (identification with body/mind) is peace, love, and beauty itself and is what we really seek.

Face Death and Live Life Fully!

Awakening is not about only knowing yourself as the ocean. We all want to live life fully. We live in this life to enjoy it and express ourselves authentically. 

Only when we face death by awakening to the peace and love that we are that we can truly live!

By letting go of the ego, the individuality, the separateness –  we know that we are each an expression of ONE life.

Any ego is afraid of death. 

Most individuals in this stage of human evolution are afraid of death. Their entire life is about feeding a separate self that does not exist. 

They forget they are the ocean, the conscious awareness, the knowingness in which all phenomena comes and goes – and out of which everything is made.

Transcend the Fear to Experience an Awakening

When you realize you are the ocean – and not separate – you transcend the fear of death.

You’re transcending the belief that you’re a separate individual. You’re beginning to know who you are. 

This is the beginning of an awakened life

Various traditions make this awakening sound so complicated, mysterious and deep, but it’s not. 

Just see what is always here. 

…this finding happiness, as well as the spiritual search, is about experiencing the oneness while you’re a separate individual…

See more of my perspectives here, on my website – or schedule a quick call to learn about working with me. 

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