Find the Happiness That Has No Opposite

When there is an attachment to something, whether it’s a person or a material item, we set ourselves up for suffering in everyday life. 

There’s always the fear that we’re going to lose it.

We’ve all experienced that fear, right?

And most of us discover that whatever we're attached to that makes us feel good can also make us feel bad.

We discover that the hard way, from any relationship we’ve been in or any drugs we’ve taken.


Because people and material items are temporary in this life.  We cannot find true happiness or peace in what is temporary, what is outside ourselves.

The spiritual path is about finding what is always there, always present, and what we will never lose. 

Waking up is about finding the happiness that has no opposite.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

- Buddha

Exactly What Are We Seeking?

We seek and seek outside of ourselves, yet the irony is that peace and joy are already within us.

We are seeking to rid ourselves of the pain caused by the seeking itself.

This separate self, the ego, forgets that we live in an interdependent, connected world. 

This separate self (or ego) thinks everything is up to me and sees all other people as potential threats.

We seek and find, seek and find. But never truly find.


Because we only have temporary satisfaction
when we find what we are seeking.

When we find what we are seeking:

  • as in a relationship or a new car, the seeking relaxes. Briefly. 
  • then our seeking rises again, and the same unsatisfactory cycle continues on and on.

We may go on the spiritual search, searching for a god, or this thing called enlightenment. In your search, you may think that because you love your guru enough and experience a sense of transcendence and meditate long enough, and have mystical experiences that you’ve found true happiness.

But that’s not it.  All those feelings, too, come and go.

Awakening is about knowing what is always there, which is the oneness. The experience of oneness is what I like to call okayness.

This Okayness Is Not the Same as Ecstasy

Anyone who advertises that this oneness in spirituality is ecstasy is full of shit. There, I said it.

Ecstasy is something that comes and goes, just like anger comes and goes. It is a human emotion.

So, what is this okayness that is always there? 

The way that you can know this is not by me telling you. You can discover this oneness, this okayness by:

  • Taking a deep breath.  
  • Stopping.  
  • Being present.

This is meditation in action -
a state of peacefulness and calm.

A meditation could simply be:

  • walking to your car and noticing every breath and every step. When you do that, you will start to feel a sense of peace; things will begin to look more alive. Congratulations! You are awakened at that moment.

But then…we start thinking again, and the same old cycle repeats itself. 

We have a moment of awakening and then think, “I’m in a hurry, I have to seek, I have to get to this next moment that’s going to make me happy.”

When we're in a hurry, and we really don't have to be in a hurry –that happens because we're just trying to get somewhere else - it's because the mind is telling you that you are going to be happy in this next moment, but that never comes. After all, it doesn't exist.

All that exists is now.

You Don't Have to Seek Anything. Peace is here.

My suggestion for you? 

Don’t be as stubborn as I was. When you feel the seeking energy saying, “this moment is not okay now, (I need something in the future to satisfy me), ask yourself, does this feel good? If not, remind yourself:

 This peace is already here.

This feeling of oneness is knowing that you’re not separate. This feeling relaxes the overemphasized sense of “me,” or ego, that feels like it’s separate from all of life.

"The ego is always looking to find something – the spirit can see what's already there."

- Marianne Willamson

Be Present in This Moment. There Is No Other.

You’re dependent on everything that’s ever happened in the universe because:

  • everything that has happened in the universe has allowed you to be at this moment
  • everything in your environment is allowing you to breathe, your heart to beat
  • consciousness  (knowingness) is your presence and is what is ever-present in your life. 

It is the isness in which everything happens that you will know as you start to simply relax into this moment and you know what is. See more at:

Relax. Let Go. Pay attention to the seeking

Notice what’s happening inside of you when you achieve something. It’s a sense of relief.

You’re really not excited about that new car. It is just a feeling of relief from the sense of contraction, from the seeking.

Just like when the relationship makes you feel good, and you become attached. Then you become afraid you are going to lose the person.  

Then you crash.

Remember: the attachment that comes from things that make you ecstatic is not what you really want.

"Don't seek happiness. If you seek it, you won't find it because seeking is the antithesis of happiness."

- Eckhart Tolle

Discover how my no B.S. approach to self-transformation can guide you on a path to peace and fulfillment.

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