Private Coaching

Ask yourself, are you ready to take steps toward your transformation?

The purpose of these weekly 50-minute video conference meetings is to be a catalyst in awakening you to more profound peace and wisdom while simultaneously expressing it in a way that is natural for you.

You and Kent will use your challenges and goals as an impetus to point you back to who you are.

As you transcend limitations and live more from the wisdom and peace that you are, you will be free to express your gifts and accomplish your goals with ease.

Common areas of coaching

Communication in

Success & Satisfaction
in Business

Reducing Stress During
Daily Activities

Discovering a More
Fulfilling Life

As your coach and accountability partner, Kent is here to help you to alleviate the confusion that keeps you from inner-peace, and assist you in living your life with purpose.

Everyone has their particular path to transformation and fulfillment.

He is available to help facilitate that process for you.

For a free 20 min. introductory call
to determine If you are a good fit

For Existing clients to schedule
a 50 min. Zoom meeting

When you schedule, you will receive a link to the meeting.


$ 399


$ 125
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Kent would like to learn some basic things about you to use your time most effectively (when you have your intro chat) to determine if you are a good fit for his one-on-one coaching.

You will be prompted to schedule the free intro chat once you have answered these quick "getting to know you" questions.

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